CyberArticle 6.0

It focuses on webpage saving and management later
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6.0.2012 (See all)

CyberArticle is a powerful offline website manager that can save your favorite websites in wonderfully looking E-books. It is relatively easy to save a useful website using the traditional “save as..." method, but it creates too many files and folders, which is cumbersome. Also, it is more difficult to search for required information among lots of saved web pages.

CyberArticle can manage all your saved pages in a few clicks. The program saves thousands of web sites and web pages in books and diaries. You can edit the saved web pages using the inbuilt editor that allows you to modify hyperlinks, text, images, borders, tables, fonts and almost everything on HTML pages. You can also insert media files (videos) in your saved web pages. You can mark important text using multi-color markers that can help you to categorize the information and make it easy to notice.

The multi-page E-Books created with this program can be run on any PC without installing CyberArticle. You can also create CHM (compiled HTML help files) using topics and hyper-links. The program is a gem for researchers, students, lecturers and everyone who uses the Internet to gain knowledge about something and wants to share it with others.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use
  • Created e-books can be run on any PC without installing CyberArticle


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